Day 1, Ash Wednesday- 12 Inches…

haircollage“I’m gonna close my eyes, just do it!” I told the hairdresser. And four snips later that was that.

Then the “bzzzzzz”-ing started. (And really tickled!)

I decided to go fully short for two reasons- first of all it meant that more of my hair would be able to be donated, and second of all it was so that I could truly part with my hair and (hopefully) the vanity and identity that I associate with it. I’ve also realised that giving up my hair for Lent automatically leads to an interesting conversation about what people believe, and God.

The reactions so far have been incredible. A customer at the hairdresser’s said that my hair was going to make a child somewhere extremely happy. My friends have all told me that I look great. My mom didn’t cry! I’m so humbled by the love that has been shown towards me, and my choice to do this, and I’m thankful for these first experiences. I’ve also already FaceTimed with a friend and noticed that I didn’t glance at the “selfie” part of the screen at ALL compared with normal! At the moment, I’m feeling very positive and excited for what is to come.

A huge thanks to the Hot Head Hair Studio for doing such a fab job, and for having the links with the Little Princess Trust  to make it easier for people like me to donate my hair! I was told at the hairdresser’s that apparently it costs about £350 to make a wig. I didn’t realise this  and wasn’t planning on fundraising as I thought that donating my hair was enough. However, if you would like to donate directly to the charity to help my hair become a wig, click here!


Day 1, Ash Wednesday- 12 Inches…

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