Day 7- Getting used to change

Let me not lie, I am not a MASSIVE fan of how my hair looks. I really do wince every time I look in the mirror. I even keep forgetting that my long hair isn’t there! I genuinely tried to put a clip in it last night whilst absent-mindedly watching TV, and couldn’t understand why it kept falling out! I’ve come way from home for a little holiday this week, AND I PACKED MY HAIR STRAIGHTENERS! I then proceeded to sheepishly take them out of my bag, and had a good giggle.

No. I’m not fishing for compliments. Believe me, I’ve received enough of those recently to last a lifetime (thanks everyone!). It’s just that I’m totally not used to seeing myself like this. My hair was a decade long habit…it’s gonna take a while to kick!

As a third culture kid, I’ve moved around a lot so I’m used to changes in my life. I know that soon enough this change won’t feel new and strange anymore, but it will feel comfortable, and I will grow to love the way it looks. I’m worried that when that happens though, I will stop the reflection and personal growth that I’m currently experiencing, and I will stop looking for ways to spread love.

But, the point is, this doesn’t matter. Yesterday I received the loveliest message off of someone who I haven’t spoken to in YEARS, and this person wished that I may “wake up every morning, look in the mirror and proceed with purpose.” That is an amazing, and incredibly humbling wish, and one that I’d like to extend to everyone that reads this blog. Humans are filled with love, and want ways to spread it and do good things. Sadly, sometimes the world that we live in can make this very hard.

Corrie ten Boon wrote that every experience that God gives us, every person that He puts in our lives, is the perfect preparation for a future that only He can see. On the days when I’m feeling down and I’m wanting to invest in some serious hair extensions, or when the day finally comes that I look in the mirror and think “Helloooooo sexy” (and not, “No no no no noooooo”), it’s this  trust in God that I need to remember.

Day 7- Getting used to change

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