Day 11- Logistical Dream

So, today whilst walking in a storm with friends, their hair was blowing in their faces and they weren’t able to see. I on the other hand was free to prance about and enjoy the scenery (or rain.) without a care in the world. In fact, the wind feels pretty good against my scalp. Here are a few other pluses of having a “buzz”:

  1. It takes approximately 55 seconds to wash and condition my hair.
  2. It takes approximately 15 seconds to towel dry my hair.
  4. No tangles, no problem.
  5. No brush, no hair dryers, no hair straighteners, no products etc.
  6. Rain? No problem, see number 2.
  7. I keep being told that I look hardcore like a rockstar. I like that.
  8. Still can’t stop rubbing it.
  9. It’s been 11 days without once thinking “what does my hair look like” or checking it in a mirror, that’s freedom.
  10. I’m convinced that people listen to me more intently now because they can see more of my face, and I’m also convinced that as a result I listen to other people more intently.
Day 11- Logistical Dream

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