Day 16-The root of hair jealousy

Since Fuller House gets released on Netflix tomorrow, I recently decided to have a marathon of watching Full House. Full House was on TV ALL the time when I was younger (specifically on the “Series Channel” which only seemed to play Full House, Cheers and Seinfeld, am I right people who grew up with DSTV?).

I digress.

Since beginning this marathon, I have realised that the DJ Tanner, the oldest daughter of the Tanner bunch, WAS THE BEGINNING OF MY OBSESSION WITH LONG HAIR.


I mean, look at those curls! What 7 year old could resist?!

I distinctly remember being INSANELY jealous of DJ’s hair, and vowing to one day have hair that long. This definitely then led into all of the associations that I made with long hair, and thus all the associations that I made with myself when I finally had long hair.

I once heard that if you want to fix something, you have to take it apart and figure out which bits are important. Over the last 2 weeks, getting rid of my hair has definitely been the start of “fixing” me- my perception of myself and other people, and my relationship with God. Finding where my obsession started definitely feels like a massive step in the right direction of taking myself apart.

It seems a bit silly, being jealous of a TV show character’s hair (ESPECIALLY one thats about 12 years my junior now!). I can finally appreciate DJ for her character- she was the kindest Tanner kid, always willing to help out when possible and always humble about her achievements. DJ was so much more than her hair, and so am I. I’m definitely getting to a place where I appreciate me for me, no matter what my hair looks like.

And that’s exciting.

Day 16-The root of hair jealousy

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