Day 25- Have we got it all backwards?

I recently watched a TV show about how much young adults spend on their looks. Part of the show focuses on hair, which is the fastest growing and most lucrative industry in the part of the U.K. that the show focused on. And the amount of money that people were spending on their hair was entirely extraordinary to me. Now that’s fine, it’s their money and they are entitled to spend it how they wish. Also anything that’s bringing jobs and providing happiness must be a good thing.

However, a lot of the focus was on how different hairstyles made people feel. And I can’t help but think that the reason these hairstyles make people feel different, is because of the associations that society has placed on different hairstyles. If society didn’t place these associations and connections on different hairstyles, then people would simply wear a hairstyle that they enjoy and feels comfortable for them (that’s not to say that people aren’t necessarily already doing this, but one of the people in the show commented on how uncomfortable their extensions were).

Hair shouldn’t change the way we feel. But it does because of these associations. Surely, how we feel and where we are in life should affect the hair we want at that point in time. I mean I definitely know now that if I ever get the chance to go back to living in a tent in the bush, my head is being shaved again. It’s just so practical!

My hair was simply a tool for the personal change that I have experienced, and that change has occurred because I have been fighting to breakdown my stereotypes and assumptions. It’s not because of the hairstyle in and of itself at all. It’s because I’ve learnt how much God loves me, how much I have the ability to love others, and how much I need to love others so stop judging and breakdown these associations.

Have we got it backwards? I’m starting to think that we might…

Day 25- Have we got it all backwards?

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