Day 37- Hair in the media

Do you know how often articles about celebrities hair is in the media? ALL the time. Like I have never seen the sidebar of shame without an article about someones hair. We are a society obsessed.

Day 37- Hair in the media

2 thoughts on “Day 37- Hair in the media

  1. I discovered your blog yesterday, and I love it! This is a really cool and spiritually meaningful idea, and it’s wonderful to see someone trying to actually live Lent sacrificially. Your journey so far resonates strongly with me. For years, I was similarly obsessed with my cherished set of shoulder-length curls, before I realized I was in an unhealthy rut and buzzed my head. I found myself nodding, chuckling, and even outright laughing a couple times as I read through your posts. So many of them felt like they were taken right from my internal monologue 5 years ago. I rode the same emotional seesaw between “Oh, this isn’t half bad, life is way simpler!” and “Dear God, why did I ever do this???”, as I slowly learned to accept myself and be confident without my “one beauty” (to quote Little Women). I also appreciated your musings on social constructs of grooming and appearance (as in this post). My experience led to a lasting interest in this topic, as well, especially from the perspective of Judeo-Christian history and practice, my field of study.

    I look forward to following the remainder of your Lenten journey, and I hope you will make occasional posts even after Easter, as the journey is going to go on for a while! Surprisingly, I found that after the first few months, I only missed my long hair occasionally, while ever since, I have missed the “logistical dream” when my hair is longer. I even re-buzzed my head 3 months out, and have periodically gone back to fairly short haircuts. Overall, I became less dependent on my hair, and I would be very interested to see where your thoughts and experiences lead you in this respect 6 months or a year down the road.


    1. This has been the most amazing and encouraging message! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to write to me!
      It’s so awesome knowing that you felt the same way about your hair and that you also decided to go for the buzz, it’s nice to know I’m not only in my extreme-ness! haha
      I think that I’d love to continue just growing my hair and then buzzing it to donate it for the rest of my life because if anything this process has really just taught me that hair is simply a resource!
      I definitely don’t miss it anywhere near as much anymore now that it is long enough to keep me warm 🙂 haha
      And maybe I will continue to post, or start another blog even! I have really enjoyed the process!


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