Day 21- Jealousy

Today I saw a girl with really, really long hair. And I didn’t experience the pang of jealousy that I normally would. I wasn’t envious, I didn’t covet her hair and I didn’t feel inferior. Instead, I simply thought “Wow, what lovely hair she has”.

It was honestly really incredible. It was so freeing being able to admire hair, without the negative feelings that I often associate with that admiration. To simply appreciate.

Jealousy truly is a feeling that turns what should be a positive interaction, into a negative one. And it happens so easily. It’s also extremely easy to slip from admiration into jealousy- especially in the society that I live where we are constantly being bombarded with the idea that we cannot be satisfied because someone else has it better (#goals, anyone?). Admiration is loving, but there is nothing at all loving about jealousy.

Having this interaction today has made me want to strive to for contentment in every aspect of my life. That’s not to say that I shouldn’t want to improve different parts of my life, but that I need to learn to be content because otherwise how will I know when they have improved enough, and how will I know if I am improving them for the right reasons?In striving to not be jealous, I am hopefully striving to be more loving.

Ultimately, I need to remember every single day that God provides everything that I will ever need and He is where my satisfaction lies. He loves me more than I can imagine. What more could I possibly want? What is left for me to be jealous of?


Day 21- Jealousy