Day 23- Halfway there

So it’s halfway through Lent (give or take a few days depending on whether you think Lent ends on Easter Thursday or Sunday). It’s very strange thinking that in another 23 days I won’t get back the thing that I gave up. I gave up meat for Lent a few years ago and the thought of the juicy steak at the end is what kept me going. Similar to when climbing Mount Kenya, it was the thought of a hot shower at the finish that made me push through.

And although I won’t be getting my hair back in 23 days time, what I have gained from this experience has already been so much more! Hearing from other people, and feeling a change in myself has really just been the most incredibly, wonderful thing!

That being said, there are a few things that I do miss about long hair, and will continue to miss for a while I’m sure:

  1. Having the option to have a different hairstyle everyday. Granted, because I’m lazy, I didn’t. But I really miss the diversity of long hair…although the easiness of short hair is awesome.
  2. Playing with my hair. Twirling my hair is ingrained deeply into my muscle memory and I miss it so so much. My friend even commented the other day that when I’m telling a story I got to toss my hair for emphasis and then my hand is just left stuck, awkwardly mis-air!
  3. Getting excited when I see a new, different hairstyle and thinking, Oh! I’m gonna try that out.
Day 23- Halfway there