Day 3- Can I rub your head (oo errr)

Do you know how many people have asked to touch my hair in the last 2 days? To rub it? To delicately run their fingers over it?

Almost every single one (particularly girls…even one of my lecturers!) that I’ve interacted with! And also, I really don’t mind, because it feels too gooooood! Plus I can’t stop stroking it myself…(ok, I  promise I will stop now.)

I’ve never really thought about “touch” as such, but we humans are SO tactile. There’s a reason that toddlers need to touch everything that they come into contact with-it’s how they explore and discover the world around them. It’s interesting that because so many girls have never had such short hair before, they can’t imagine what it’s like, so they feel the need to touch it to really connect. I really like that people, even some strangers, are comfortable enough to ask if they can though.

It’s how we humans connect with one another- whether it’s through hugs or punches. And it also affects how we feel- the way a silk shirt caresses your skin makes you feel very different to the way an itchy cardigan drives you crazy.  Just something I’ve been thinking about is all.

Day 3- Can I rub your head (oo errr)

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