Day 8- Please don’t call me an inspiration

Please don’t call me an inspiration. Maybe what I’ve done is inspirational, but it’s the action, not me. If you think of me as an inspiration, then I’m sorry, but I know that I will let you down. I do things everyday that I’m not proud of.

Please don’t call me brave. There are people out there who are FAR braver than me, and face troubles far greater than I could ever begin to imagine. Even if we only talk about hair, at least I got to choose to shave my head. There are people throughout history, and today still who do not have that choice. And not just people who have lost their hair to sickness. Forcibly shaving heads has been used  a weapon in conflict and as punishment for centuries. These people have all had something taken away from them, whilst I have been left feeling empowered. Also, there are countless things in this world that I am terrified of.  My hope in God allays these fears though- any bravery that I have is in Him.

Please don’t call me wise. There’s so much I don’t know and there’s so much I can’t know. I’m ok with that.

Please don’t call me humble. I couldn’t be further from it. Humbleness and humility are the two qualities that I aspire to most. And they are two qualities that totally elude me. My pride is my biggest stumbling block. It constantly gets me into trouble and arguments. It always causes me to judge others. Everyday as I try to live my life for God, I try to be humble like Jesus. And everyday I fail. And on the worst days that failure means that I give up and run from God, and on the best days that means I fight harder and depend on Him more.

Yes, we must believe in ourselves, back ourselves, build each other up…but I am deeply flawed and I don’t want anyone to think more of me than they should. Sure, there are days when I am one of, two of, heck, all of these things that I’ve described, and there are days when you are too. But there are days when I couldn’t be further from each of these things.

Please just call me human. I am not better than anyone. I am not more (insert adjective here) than anyone else. We are all made equals on this earth by God, and we should stay equals. Unfortunately, we don’t, and in every part of life some people experience long, hard descents, while others experience tough, steep climbs.

Our humanity is what unites us.

Please, just call me human.

Day 8- Please don’t call me an inspiration

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